Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Freezing with a chance of ice(e)

The highlight of my trip to Chicago last week for Wanksgiving may have been our trip to the movies, which included a gluttonous purchase of the number one combo - a large beverage and large popcorn with bottomless refills. On the heels of this news story that came out last week, ordering said combo - called "co-stars" or something equally if not more cheesy - seemed like an amazing idea; and when we spotted the Icee machine behind the concession stand, we knew we were done for.

When the concession worker slid the Icee across the counter to us, C and I literally burst into laughter at the sheer cartoonishness of its size. The popcorn was appropriately sized for a large, but the Icee, which had to have been at least 32 oz., was completely absurd. So of course we had to document it.

I mean honestly. Both the popcorn and the Icee are taller than my head. Fortunately, the name of theater chain at which we partook of The Blind Side (blind side note: the film was OK, not great, but 'twas a fun reminder of Ole Miss and hot Southern men) will forever remain a mystery, as we made sure to pose super covertly to protect it from years of embarrassment.

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