Thursday, December 31, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Meghan Edition

I went to my grandmother's house for Christmas last week, and I was inspired by a photo of myself I found on one of the tables in her living room. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it, and then I found myself feeling very confused about why, of the hundreds-if-not-thousands of photos taken of me since I was born, she would have chosen this particular photo - framed and everything - to grace the top of her lovely table. It was taken ten years ago - making this post all the more topical as we close out the decade - at my 13th birthday party, which was the first time my parents let me invite boys over to our house - a piece of information that, by all accounts, makes this photo all the more embarrassing.

1. I have those amazing straight-across-the-fohead bangs that pretty much defined my childhood until the age of 15 or so.
2. I am also rocking the butt cut. You know, parted straight down the middle. No shame.
3. That appears to be a beaded choker.
4. Yes, that is cake with a screenprint of the Backstreet Boys on it. I. know. I remember that screenprinting on birthday cakes was, like, a big deal in middle school. You just took whatever photo you wanted on your cake to the bakery in the grocery store, and they somehow created an edible version of it.

Wait. I was getting ready to write a snarky comment about how ridiculous a screenprinted birthday cake is, but I have changed my mind. This is awesome. If I could have a screenprint of Lady Gaga on my next birthday cake, I wouldn't even think twice about it. Then I would have them sprinkle it with edible glitter before topping it with an edible hair bow, and I would take a photo of myself holding it the same way I held the BSB cake when I was 13, and I would do a side-by-side comparison of little baby Meghan and somewhat-more-grownup Meghan.

It's shocking how little things change, even when they change a lot. For good measure:

At least I wasn't alone in my choice of the butt cut. Nick rocked it for quite a long time. But I didn't care about him because I was in love with Brian, who never had the butt cut. Conclusion: My taste in men > my taste in haircuts.

This is not necessarily still true.


  1. Bwahahaha. I love it. That photo deserves to be framed in everyone's house. Forever. Happy new year!

  2. I think I have the same bangs RIGHT NOW! uh oh!

  3. okay uh...have you ever clicked on the wheelchair beside your comment verification box? it just made the creepiest sounds i have ever heard.

  4. Printing photo now.

    Also, the first time I clicked the little handicap icon, I was also freaked the fuck out. It's just unnatural.


  6. Also, after Gaga when Willow and I were driving to the French Quarter, a BSB song came on the radio ("I'll Never Break Your Heart"), and I was belting it down Conti Street. I don't think Willow is the same. AJ was my fave. My taste in men seems that it has stayed (horrifically) the same. Ha!

  7. Sorry for hijacking but the boy band thing reminds me of the first day of this gifted class (high IQ) I had in like 4th or 5th grade. We all introduced ourselves, and this one girl introduced herself and said she liked NKOTB. Well, I thought she was cute, so when it was my turn, I also said I liked NKOTB and I made sure to look at her when I said it. Hey, what can I say? :P

  8. BAHAHA! I had the butt cut too!!!

  9. I just had to check out the comment verification thing...nice doo!