Thursday, December 3, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year, in the most wonderful place in the world

I would be tragically remiss if I didn't write a post (or several, LBO) about how amazing Christmas in New York is. First of all, Christmas is the culmination of my favorite time of year - it's like the cherry on top of a sundae made of gorgeous fall leaves, crisp weather, Halloween and Thanksgiving - and I've always had a childlike love for all the sparkly things that tend to explode at this time of year. And as far as sparkly Christmas decorations go, New York definitely has the sparkliest. I mean, there's a reason hundreds of Christmas movies have been set in the city; because when you walk around New York in December, you actually feel like you're in one.

Sadly, I haven't had a chance to do a whole lot of Christmas stuff yet. J, Z and I went to the Bryant Park ice skating rink the other night, drank $5 hot chocolate and perused the Christmas kiosks they have set up around the perimeter of the rink. Last night was the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center, which I would have loved to see, but unfortunately I was at the dentist getting a filling. Yeah, epic planning fail.

The thing about New York is that even if you don't make an effort to do certain things, sometimes replacement things find their way to you. Last night, on the train home from the dentist, numbed and mourning the loss of the tree lighting experience, I looked to my right and saw this.

That's right! A Christmas tree on the 6 train! This is how people in New York transport their Xmas trees. In the South, it's custom to tie that puppy to the top of your oversized SUV, but in the city, it's a much more eco-friendly process. I was so excited that I got up and took a photo of him from the other side. Oh yeah, I did.

I don't know why it made me so happy. I guess because I just imagined this guy lugging the tree home to his family, his kids proceeding to jump up and down with pure joy and excitement and all that amazing stuff that comes with being a child at Christmas, and then the whole family spending their evening decorating it, listening to Christmas songs and singing along and talking about what Santa would bring this year.

Speaking of, I fully expect to see Santa on the subway before the month is over. If I don't, I will be seriously disappointed.


  1. Your blog was highlighted under interesting blogs on I found you! This was my first year in 14 of living overseas that I saw the Macy's Day parage online..never even thought about trying to find it online until another expat friend told me about an online webcam....I was SO excited. One of my big dreams is to someday go to New York City for the Macy's Day parade and light of the rockefeller tree...I want to skate in central park and look at all the "sparkly" lights you described..I've never been to New York but if I was ever going it would be at Christmas...for exactly the reasons you pointed out in your post!
    Greetings from Eventyrhus in Norway ;-)

  2. your blog is on Blogs of note congratulations

  3. Congrats on blogs of note! I came here from there. You remind me very much of a close friend of mine (in a good way). You are a great writer, keep at it.

  4. OMG thats so funny! I bought my tree from cvs in a box! Lugged that sucker home about a block, so I am not in that bad of shape =)

    You commented on the 20SB NYC meetup forum and I wanted to send you the info in case you are still interested in coming:

    Friday Dec. 4th 10pm
    Fat Cat NYC (
    75 Christopher St (at 7th ave)

    It's not an "official" meet up so there won't be a sign or anything like that, just keep an eye out for people who may look familiar from 20SB!

    Spread the info to any other fellow NYC 20SBers you may know =)

    ps, could you either comment back or message me on 20SB if you think you'll make it?

  5. yeah, here in brazil we don't have this kind of stuff.
    christmastime means it will be hot like hell, and that, consequently, every place with air condicionair will be awfully crowded...
    NYC must be the nicest place this time os the year, I'd love to see it snow for real, not only on coke's tv comercial... rsrs

    nice blog! =)

  6. Love the photos! It's so nice to see the differences between the city and suburbia! Fun blog, btw. Come check out mine when you have a chance.

  7. Glad I found your blog! Your Christmas tree story and photos were incredible - makes me want to experience Christmas in New York one day! I'll definitely be following your blog - what a great job you've done!

  8. wow...congrats on blog of note!!! me luvs your writing styles and new york!! i work a lot with the city - not living there, but through work and i have fallen hard for it! Seeing and reading your view of it makes me feel like I was there....I wish you all the best and love your blog. keep it up and as you asked people to be honest, I would love pics of the city!!! it one thing to see from our own eyes but when its through someone else, you get perspective!

    keep it up and live insatiably


  9. I totally know what you mean about Christmas trees and happiness! Every morning when I walk up 2nd Ave to my gym I love when we go past the Christmas tree 'lot' and get to smell the amazing scent! It's fantastic! You really shouldn't be too sad about missing the Christmas tree lighting. It probably wasn't all that fun with all the crazy crowds and the rain. I think seeing the tree on the 6 train is more amusing.

  10. Just found your blog on blogs of note & will definately be following you :) I just read like 4 of your posts because it was so interesting & now my eyes hurt from the bright background!

    This Christmas post would have to be my favourite out of the ones I read - Christmas is definately one of my favourite times of the year & I thought it was hilarious that you saw a Christmas tree on the train - you didn't get to see the rockefeller tree so a tree came to you :)

  11. I have been strugglin g with getting a tree or not this year- You got me leaning in the direction of yes now, Di

  12. I'm glad your Santa Wish came true!

    Also, I agree 150% that Christmas in New York is the best time of year, and I couldn't describe it any better myself.