Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What, other people don't appreesh abbrevs?

I went to the gayno today. Yes, my (likely) gay OB/GYN. It was a thrilling experience, as always, but it was made all the more thrilling by the following sign, which I spotted on the wall as I was waiting for the doctor.

Clearly, not all people share my intense love for writing in abbreviations. In fact, some people go so far as to create an entire class of abbreviations and then dub them "inappropriate." I found this borderline offensive, and if I didn't like my gayno so much, I would probably boycott.

Also worth noting: the following is an actual textversation that happened between Schmom B. and me, immediately following said doctor's appointment.

Me: He said everything looked good. He was gay. I loved him.
Schmom B.: Good. A gay gyno! That's NYC for u.
Me: A gayno!
Schmom B.: I'm peeing my pants!
Me: Well don't do that.

Humor-laden urinary incontinence aside, Schmom B. is so tech-savvy y'all.


  1. I'm a big fan of abbreviations, but working in a hospital we are forbidden to use them! I know :( But it makes sense since there have been many cases of incorrect drugs and doses administered because of them. I mean, I guess we don’t want to kill people because of our new lingo! LOL

  2. So disheartening; some people are unjustifiably opposed to progress. Abbrevs are tot the wave of the fut. Even if they are sometimes incomprehensible.

  3. HAHA! Love the convo b.w. u and Schmom B.

  4. Hilarious conversation. Its so you! :)

  5. gayno is the appropriate term. I wonder what the proper abbreviation for that would be?

  6. I have a gayno in Boston. He wears loafers. Love him to death. Coincidentally, he also practices at a Catholic hospital.

  7. Yes, abbreviations are fun! I like to create my own words and I do so frequrntly. (Such as geef - definition to follow). However if my gayno greeted me at my annual exam with "Sup gf? Kay, whatevs, let's do the p-smear so we can go grab cosmos!" I would be running from the room wearing only my paper gown.