Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No holes barred and other moments of honesty

Last night I went to dinner at this really hip place in Hell's Kitchen with overpriced seafood and even more overpriced whiskey. It was really delicious, and I was enjoying the company of an old college friend I haven't seen since March, so that was nice; however, the whole experience was made all the brighter by the presence of our server, who was really, really cute.

I never blog about cute boys, so bear with me here because I do have a point. He was tall and fit and had dark curly hair and cute eyes and a sweet smile. I thought he may have been eye-flirting with me, but I always think guys with bouncy eyes are eye-flirting with me. It's also entirely possible that he may have been gay. My gaydar is all fucked up in this city.*

Since I felt that he may have found me just as cute as I found him, I decided to make my affection known. I left him a note on my credit card receipt. I've done this once before, a couple summers ago when I was living in Atlanta and had a really cute waiter, but nothing came of it. And since I'm now taking charge of my life and turning over a new leaf, I see no reason not to put myself out there in every possible way. I really have nothing to lose.

So my note went something like this.

The real thing was a lot more legible. It's hard to try to replicate handwriting on a computer, OK?!

The amazing thing about New York is that there are actually entire venues aimed specifically at helping people find other people they wanted to connect with but for whatever reason could not. I love reading through the missed connections on Craigslist - it's just an endless list of hopeless romantics wanting to feel a real connection with other people. I would love to know if anyone has ever actually met his/her future husband/wife on there. Because that would pretty much make my life.

My friend from college said the one thing that struck him most about New York was that there seemed to be literally endless possibilities. You never know who you will meet, or what you will do, or where the day will take you. I agreed with him, and said that it's one of the things I love most about the city. You might wake up feeling like shit, and then later that night leave a note for your cute waiter who then googles your name and finds out you have a blog on which you wrote about him, then he comments on said blog and tells you he thinks you're cute too with a link to his blog, which you find hilarious and amazing, and then you go on a date and fall in love and have lots of sex and babies.

Or maybe you just made a gay guy feel even better about himself. The universe is full of snark.

*To understand why, see this.


  1. Either way, it sounded rather fun.

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  3. Speaking of hipster vs. gay, how about all of the above and none of the above "gender doesn't matter, don't you want us all/both?" Oh, boys, boys, boys. P.S. GaGa concert and gay afterparty, FRUSTRATING. Hot boys in tight pants ... le sigh.

  4. Cliff's Notes Version: a girl I know sat next to a cute guy @ the movies once. She is the ONLY person I've every heard of that reads "missed connections" religiously (in our local ent. paper, not craig's). Doesn't miss a single day. Lo and behold, after the movie, he writes about HER. They hook up, date for over a year, and she's thisclose to moving cross-country with him. They break up first, but still...over a year based on "missed connections"? It can happen!!! : )

  5. The hardest game? Euro vs. gay. Try it sometime.

  6. Heh heh, reminds me of something I did back in 01. Went to Hooters with a bunch of my Army buddies and after which we had a hotel party going on. Well, I wrote that she was hot and should call our room later. She did and some other guy stepped up and took credit for the note.

    Good thing he did! Him and another guy ended up fighting over her where she was with him, then broke up with him for the other guy, then she broke up with the other guy to try to go back to him! Great times!

  7. I met my husband on Craigslist - not the missed connections but the woman seeking man division. You never know!

  8. I would love to get a note like that!

  9. I'm fairly certain I've been missed connection-ed before when I used to ride the J Train and read it obsessively.

    Who really knows, there could have been someone who fits my exact physical description with a flower in their hair and a purple and black sundress. But it's not likely, even in New York.

    I didn't respond to the missed connection. It was written in ebonics and may have referred to me as "flower mami." But the effect was there. It made me smile. The same way I'm sure that note made cute waiter boy smile.

    I like to tell people they are beautiful if they are. Everyday. I even like to tell people who aren't so typically beautiful what is beautiful about them, because everyone has something.

    The number of times I have gotten a mean response is so few that I actually remember them distinctively - this one Swedish girl at a beer garden downtown who tossed her hair back and shot me an expression that said "Of course of beautiful. Now stop hitting on me, and leave me to my herd of male slaves."

  10. Also, in case you could possibly want more: http://sawyouonthel.tumblr.com/

  11. You think YOUR Gay dar is messed up?! Mine is the WORST. SO I randomly give hot guys my phone number and actually left my phone number on the windshield of this hot guy's Escalade on Christmas Eve. It also doesn't help that the typical guy I find attractive acts straight... and girlll, you know I love me a homo thug. Which is why I love Harlem. <3