Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vote for me!

Hi beloved readers. So I may have nominated myself for a blog award for "Best Blog About Stuff" over at the Blogger's Choice Awards. If you feel like being nice today, you can vote for me here.

My blog is definitely about stuff, and it's pretty good, right? It's at least OK. Come on. Here is a picture of an adorable puppy to put you in a good mood.

Look at that faaaaaaaaaace. You might also consider voting for my blog idol The Sassy Curmudgeon for Best Humor Blog.

If you can still be mean after looking at that photo, you have no soul and I don't want votes from soulless people anyway. To the rest of you, please vote! Thanks y'all.


  1. No problem here... I would of voted for ya even w/out the puppy pic!.

  2. Maybe if I received a cash prize for voting? :P

  3. Done and done. Thanks to the puppy.